Duck, if you must.
Every bullet will travel quickly like it has a schedule to keep.

Gather in bunches and bunches of bunches.
Hell hath no fury like
Inner-city tantrums.

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Frantz Fanon on violence/colonialism

From the moment national consciousness reaches an embryonic stage of development, it is reinforced by the bloodbath in the colonies which signifies that between oppressors and oppressed, force is the only solution.

Malcolm X on accomplishment

My older brothers and sister had started to school when, sometimes, they would come in and ask for a buttered biscuit or something and my mother, impatiently, would tell them no. But I would cry out and make a fuss until I got what I wanted. I remember well how my mother asked me why I couldn’t be a nice boy like Wilfred; but I would think to myself that Wilfred, for being so nice and quiet, often stayed hungry…if you want something, you had better make some noise.

NBC Sports’ Pro & College Basketball Talk

What’s really good?

That sounds awesome. I heard what you said.

Me? Yea, I’ve been checking out these blogs by NBC Sports called Pro Basketball Talk and College Basketball Talk.

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